Logistics Center

The total area of the complex is 60,000 m2, including warehouse premises area of 57,000 m2. The total capacity is up to 45,000 tons, out of which 20-25,000 tons are products and 20,000 tons are raw materials.

The logistics complex is compliant with all requirements set to Class A logistics center. It is equipped with Warehouse Management System (the innovative system of product flow management). WMS is an intellectual system not only taking into consideration all aspects, but also optimizing logistics processes from acceptance and to shipment of the products in the warehouse. By the time of a vehicle arrival, documents for its loading is received beforehand, is examined and processed. This allows to form an order in advance, for this reason, loading itself lasts for 30-35 minutes. The total time of the cargo transport's location in the territory of the center does not exceed an hour.

Purposes of the logistics complex foundation:

  • To improve product storage conditions; 
  • To optimize product supplies; 
  • To establish ideal conditions for raw materials storage; 
  • To minimize products delays in the warehouse. 

Construction of the logistics complex lasted over a year (November 2006 - January 2008). To achieve Class A standard, it was required not only to build the relevant premises and automate them, but also make new transport interchanges. 2 railway branches and 8 railway access roads were provided. For comprehensive project implementation, over 20 subcontractor organizations were engaged.

Special climate regime is permanently maintained in the premises. The year-round temperature is set at the level of +18oC (permissible deviation is +/- 2oC). Permanent humidity is 30-40%. Microclimate control is especially important in connection with the warehouse dimensions and specific nature of the products. As Roshen products are made of natural ingredients, they are especially sensitive to temperature differences. With the premises height of 12 m and warehousing height of 10 m, warm air shall be carefully traced not to rise, temperature differences shall be prevented all along the vertical. To support the climate regime in the logistics center, Lennox equipment is used.

Except finished products, the following food ingredients shall be also stored in the complex: confectionery fat, cocoa, nuts, juices etc. (the total of approximately 200 items). For storage of each item specific conditions are required. Installed fridges with individual temperature regimes of +3 to +14oC, for juices, deepfreeze is provided for.

For unimpeded operation of the logistics center, complex warehouse software was purchased from the USA and installed. In the same way, innovative transport warehouse equipment produced in Germany was mounted. For working in conditions of full automation, the group of specialists is already trained.

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