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International Confectionery Corporation ROSHEN – one of the largest European manufacturers of confectionery products.  

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22 December 2016 ROSHEN Corporation Flooded Free Ice Rink in Area of 1600 m² in Kharkov City (Ukraine)

Traditionally, already the 3rd year in a row, ROSHEN Corporation fills free ice skating rink on the square of Freedom (Svobody Square) in Kharkiv next to the main Christmas tree of the city. ROSHEN Corporation takes care about the opportunity for each per

30 November 2016 The Social Children Project "Bonbonetti Factory Tours" has Started in Budapest

What is chocolate made of? How does cocoa tree look like? When did chocolate first get to Hungary? Answers to these and many other questions you can find out after visiting a tour at Bonbonetti Visitor Center...

28 October 2016 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation Invests Dividends from its Lipetsk Assets in CSR Projects in Ukraine

During the period of years 2014-2016 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation has received and transfered to Ukraine $ 72,062,721 dividends from its Lipetsk assets. USD 125 628 466 of taxes was paid from this amount to the budget of Ukraine. The rest of the money is systematically investing in charitable projects and investing in production development...

9 April 2015 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation Launches Children Educative Project at Klaipeda Confectionery Factory

Over the years ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation initiates and implements cultural and educative projects. For the youngest consumers, the most avid candy lovers, company opened Edutainment Center in Vinnitsa, Ukraine...

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